DE SANGOSSE acquires the agricultural activities of ALGAENERGY

AlgaEnergy is an international reference player in agrobiological solutions based on micro-algae

The Spanish company based in Madrid has been developing, manufacturing and marketing its products worldwide for more than fifteen years. Thanks to several decades of major investment in Research and Development, the company has developed revolutionary cultivation processes. AlgaEnergy provides innovative, competitive, sustainable biostimulants, biofertilisers, biocontrol products with proven efficacy.


Each solution contains a combination and an optimized proportion of different species of micro-algae, and thus provide the essential elements for the physiological development of cultures.

DE SANGOSSE is an international reference player in agricultural biosolutions

On the strength of its recognised experience, DE SANGOSSE has been operating with agility and success for many years in the world of biosolutions by proposing progress approaches and sustainable cultivation itineraries.

A new entity

As part of this acquisition, DE SANGOSSE has set up a new entity AE AGROBIOGICALS, SL exclusively dedicated to the agricultural sector. Its purpose is to promote the biotechnological activities of micro-algae carried out by AlgaEnergy SA worldwide.
DE SANGOSSE will consolidate and improve the development of industrial technologies and innovative products derived from this technology. The company thus integrates nearly 100 employees specialized in this field of activity, Research & Development, marketing, the operation of production plants, the international network of subsidiaries, technologies, patents and brands, as well as the portfolio of customers who already supply with satisfaction more than 4 million farmers in the world.

Shared values and vision

The company’s project is linked to the vision of a positive, modern and sustainable agriculture. This vision is clearly shared by the two companies, which have complementary strengths. Solutions based on micro-algae are aimed at all types of agriculture and all production methods. They have been recognized for many years for their high levels of performance, and comply with current and future societal and agronomic expectations. The two companies have developed expertise in research, development, certification, production and quality control.

Nicolas Fillon, CEO of DE SANGOSSE group

“Over the past 15 years, DE SANGOSSE has become an international agricultural technology company. We focus on the key challenges of agriculture, offering our customers alternatives to chemicals for sustainable agricultural production that promotes biodiversity. As a leader in biosolutions, our exclusive portfolio offers farmers a full range of biofertilizers, biostimulants, adjuvants and biocontrol products. Our strategy is to invest in innovation. We offer the most technically efficient biosolutions, based on sound science. This undeniably brings us closer to AE Agribiologicals who have spent decades in Research and Development to develop this unique portfolio of microalgae. DE SANGOSSE and AE Agribiologicals combine exceptionally innovative technologies, with marketing in more than 60 countries. The team’s know-how is incredibly vast. Together, we will be able to accelerate our global footprint in biosolutions. We are very happy to start working with such a competent, experienced team with incredible know-how. »

Carlos Rodriguez-Villa Förster, Managing Director of the AlgaEnergy group

“We share relevant synergies and the same values, as well as a long-term vision. There is absolute complementarity both in terms of portfolio and geography, so it is clear that the synergies will materialize in accelerated revenue growth. We are convinced that this new stage that we are starting, in collaboration with DE SANGOSSE, will be very positive for the company, its teams, its customers and its partners. Together, we have a very competitive value proposition that fits perfectly with the goal of promoting modern, regenerative and, above all, more profitable agriculture for the farmer, now and in the future. »


AE AGRIBIOLOGICALS is the recently created company, based in Spain, 100% owned by DE SANGOSSE, which has acquired and will manage all the agricultural activities of the AlgaEnergy group internationally. It has 9 subsidiaries in different countries, employs around 100 people, operates in around 20 countries and offers high value-added biological solutions, based on micro-algae, to optimize agricultural yields in a sustainable way in all types of crops. and geographical areas.


DE SANGOSSE (Agen, France) is an international reference player in agricultural biosolutions. On the strength of its recognized experience, DE SANGOSSE has been operating with agility and success for many years in the world of biosolutions by proposing progress approaches and sustainable cultivation itineraries. With 1250 employees, a turnover of more than 420 million euros, 25 production units, 30 international operating companies and sales in more than 60 markets, DE SANGOSSE has established itself as one of the benchmarks in the supply of innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture.