Bio-stimulants are used to promote plant growth, energise plant metabolism and optimise plant health. During the cooler months growers struggle to maintain crop growth rates and are often disappointed when inputs may increase growth but to the detriment of reduced crop quality or plant health.  To assist and promote growth, Shane Dyer, Technical & Sales Manager Upper North Island, recommends our specifically designed root development product ACRECIO.

De Sangosse enjoys working closely with growers and retailers throughout New Zealand. Shane Dyer is our Upper North Island Sales and Technical Manager and is experiencing strong grower support for our range of Bio-stimulant options.

ACRECIO is a liquid formulation providing four specific active ingredients specifically for root development. 

Acrecio is a purpose built formulation to trigger and then magnify new root development, providing for impressive cell division and root elongation while providing a whole-plant energizing affect. This is the reason results are so noticeable in the field by growers. Visibly greener more photosynthetically active leaves, an improved biomass coupled with a larger root mass for nutrient uptake. Collectively this results in a faster crop growth rate even in the middle of Winter. Crop quality and safety is never compromised!

Acrecio is applied as a plant drench or by fertigation during active plant growth. Acrecio reduces the effects of environmental stress. Trial work with Leaderbrand Gisborne over the past few seasons has shown Acrecio noticeably improved the crop growth rate of both broccoli and watermelon.

Leaderbrand’s crop managers were impressed that multiple crops reached maturity days ahead of untreated rows. Andrew Rosso Leaderbrands talented crop manager said Acrecio is the best product he has ever trialled! Results were achieved on a single preplant Acrecio drench of 1% concentration followed by a second input during early field growth.

Similar results in strawberry and Kumara against control areas. In perennial crops, Acrecio has provided measurably improved plant health in Avocado, Tamarillo, Viticulture and Kiwifruit and can be applied whenever root growth requires a helping hand. Acrecio can be combined with biofertilisers such as Connectis, our EndoMycorrhizae formulation. Since Acrecio grows a larger harder working root mass, nutrient uptake is more efficient with less opportunity for nutrient leaching.

For more information about Acrecio or our range of Bio-Stimulants, get in contact with Shane.

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